Saturday, April 16, 2011

Art Season Launches Early At Harmon Gallery

Nothing for months, and then all Wellfleet shows up at the Harmon Gallery to celebrate Caleb Potter and his artist friends who suffered brain injuries. Tiaras and Ties was one happening event. Of course, Sharyn Lindsay, Caleb's mom, has been telling everyone for weeks. And, Sky Freyss-Cole did the publicity, notably sending invitations via Facebook. Not surprising that the event was standing room only, and not much standing room at that. Elegant ladies in long dresses and men in ties everywhere. Sven and I stopped by around 5:45, not realizing the dress code, but no one noticed. Tiaras graced heads. Old friends exchanged greetings. New friends shook hands. Traci Harmon-Hay told me how pleased she was to be launching the 2011 art season with this extraordinary show. The rooms were so packed that we decided to come back tomorrow, when it will be possible to view the art from 12 to 3. Sharyn summed up her emotions well on her blog, which you may want to visit. Her report of sharing with Traci, also a mother, I found particularly moving. Outside, Traci's husband Mac was directing traffic. Guests were still arriving as we exited. Can't wait to see the exhibit tomorrow!