Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oyster Shells & Defeat of Article to Prevent McMansions

This morning we received a delivery of shells for our driveway. The German children, staying here, were fascinated. I told them the story of our archeologist guest and the midden, up Old King's Highway. Most innkeepers will not accept children, but I find their energy so invigorating. After a daily excursion into town, they run around the house in frantic games of hide and seek. Yesterday they went whale-watching. Last night they enjoyed Wicked Oyster. Today the family will try to go to PJs for lunch and Catch of the Day for dinner. I explained how PJs went green, with bio-degradable packaging, which drew smiles. (Germany is way ahead of us with its recycling programs.) Our German guests also approved of our recycling of oyster shells!

Last night I attended Town Meeting. A proposal for a new athletic field off Lawrence Road drew a lot of speakers, many of whom spoke in opposition. I even got up and protested the assertion that tourists need a track for running: our German guests have enjoyed jogging around Dyer Pond, a natural trail with a carpet of pine needles underfoot. The article was defeated.

The big event was defeat of Article 32, proposed by the Planning Board, to limit house size. Some folks criticized the complicated wording. Others decried a possible lack of construction work in time of recession. Short-sighted of them, if you ask me. Many Wellfleetians, who do not usually come to Town Meeting, showed up last night. Selectman Berta Brunooge expressed her exasperation when she realized the opposition in the room and stated to the assembled crowd, "You supported this three years ago!" Ah yes. But not the same people were present. Berta requested a hand count, after the traditional voice vote. The numbers were 128 in favor, and 168 against.

Town Meeting was adjourned at 11 pm. It will continue tonight, when the petitioned article for bio-degradable packaging is to be presented. I urge all those who care about the environment to show up.