Monday, March 01, 2010

Work to Begin Again on Sagamore Bridge

Planning a trip to Cape Cod? Take the Bourne Bridge. Just in time for spring, the Army Corps of Engineers is back at work. Anyone driving out to Truro to check on erosion at Ballston Beach, or attend the Selectmen’s meeting in Eastham to protest NStar’s plan to spray five herbicides under the power lines, will be obliged to fight traffic at the Sagamore Bridge. Bridge work will begin again March 1, today. This repair may be necessary but what a catastrophe for bed & breakfast owners! I read over the weekend that business is down 75%, and I believe it. No one is traveling anywhere anymore. Those who do manage to think spring this month, and are not hurting from the recession, and dream of walking a deserted beach ... must first affront one lane of traffic in either direction at Sagamore to reach Cape Cod.

NOTE: Due to today's storm, the repair work today has been postponed until Thursday.