Friday, March 12, 2010

IFAW Rescues Dolphins in Wellfleet

Sixteen dolphins were stranded at Lieutenant Island and Drummer Cove, here in Wellfleet, yesterday at low tide. The news was on Boston television. Read about it in the Cape Cod Times. Six of the sea creatures were rescued. The Cape Cod Times even offers a video of the rescue. On television, the newsman said that Wellfleet is one place in the world where the most dolphins do get stranded on a regular basis, and researchers do not know why. Perhaps it has to do with the geography of Wellfleet Harbor? Does anyone out in cyberspace know the answer to this question?

Sven and I watched The Cove last week, about the murder of dolphins in Japan. The documentary, which won an Oscar, was especially moving when Ric O’Barry, Flipper’s trainer, described his quest to stop the capture of dolphins and export to sea parks throughout the world. He said several dolphins had played Flipper. Ric seemed to have a favorite, Cathy, who liked to watch herself on television. Apparently Cathy could always tell when the dolphin on the screen was a stand-in. Ric O’Barry is a little older than me. The world’s folly must be more obvious to older people. That’s why many of them become activists …