Monday, March 29, 2010

Do You Support the "Spraying Program"?

A Cape Codder, vacationing in India, a friend who does green cleaning in the summer for us, sent me the link to a Cape Cod Times poll this morning. Indeed, from Friday to Saturday, the newspaper offered an online poll regarding our utility company … The poll was removed when the ratio of folks in favor of alternatives rose above 70%, before I was able to vote ….

Monopolies are not good. Agree? Disagree? If you live in the great state of Massachusetts, and agree, you can demonstrate your opinion by signing a petition to allow new municipal utilities to replace investor-owned utilities, like Unitel and N, creating competition. Find the petition here.

But, back to the poll that began this post.

How one phrases questions is important and quite revealing. Check out the wording:

N. wants to spray herbicides that it says are safe to keep vegetation from growing into overhead Cape high-power lines. Opponents worry about the groundwater. Your thoughts?

I support the spraying program: 29.6%

Find an alternative to herbicides: 70.4%

Can you guess the opinion of the pollsters?