Sunday, March 07, 2010

Erosion at LeCount Hollow Beach!

Yesterday Sven and I went to LeCount at low tide. It was tough to even get onto the beach. We followed a path others had created down the dune quite a ways before being able to reach access to the water’s edge. As you can see, the erosion was quite dramatic after the storms last week. While we look at the erosion, here’s a short letter I wrote to the editor of the Cape Codder, published on Friday. Since our utility company has started searching blogs for mention of its name, I have abbreviated theirs:

"Thank you for covering local news that matters, for instance, the issue of N’s plan to spray herbicides under the power lines. Despite an outcry from local residents, N’s insists on vegetation removal with toxic chemicals and will implement their plan in the coming months, according to your first page article on Friday. This is unacceptable. Traces of these toxic chemicals will end up in private wells. Cape Cod already has a history of toxic contamination. Breast cancer rates are 20% higher than the rest of Massachusetts. Citizens do not want more synthetic chemicals in their drinking water and have signed petitions to this effect. What part do the N’s officials not understand? Are they unaware of body burden? Have they already purchased the five herbicides? Is that why they are so determined to use chemicals, rather than mowing, as in past years? Federal law requires removal of brush but does not mandate the use of chemicals. I urge all Cape Codder readers to contact their state representatives and protest N’s insistence on herbicides."

Friday we had news that Commissioner Scott Soares at DAR is requesting letters from Cape Cod residents offering scientific or legal reasons that our dear utility company, and the companies they subcontract to, should not be allowed to proceed with the new plan. Any suggestions? (The public comment period ends March 26. The address: 251 Causeway St. Suite 500, Boston, MA 02114.)

Tomorrow, photos of erosion from Ballston Beach, in Truro.