Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wellfleet Guidebook Becomes Available

Every year the Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce creates a guidebook for distribution to tourists. A lot of work goes into its fabrication, and I am totally in awe of the committee volunteers who devote many hours every fall to this task. Some people have said the Wellfleet guidebook will become redundant, what with the new town Web site, but I totally disagree. As an innkeeper, I love having a physical object to hand to guests when they check in, knowing it contains information valuable to anyone visiting our lovely little town.

"Once you have experienced the wonders of Wellfleet, you will know you have found the true gem of the Cape. Come to Wellfleet .... for the beauty of it .... for the fun of it. Enjoy Cape Cod at its best," write Mignon Barry and Judy Pihl on the welcome page. We can thank the following Wellfleetians for the layout design: LeeAnn Fanning, Adam Levinson, Mignon Barry, Judy Pihl, Donna McCaffrey, Bonnie Robicheau and Marcia Sexton.

Each year Chamber of Commerce members vote on artwork for the cover. Usually, the image chosen shows a familiar Wellfleet landmark, submitted as a painting. This year, to my surprise, Chamber members chose "Oyster Beds," an enhanced digital photo by Maureen Dalby. Since Wellfleet will hold its tenth annual Oyster Fest in October, seems like a great choice, don't you think?