Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Organic Cotton Makes All the Difference

Before the rains, I was able to air-dry sheets. Don’t you just love fresh linens? Here at Chez Sven, we air-dry all our sheets for that special immaculate smell, crisp and clean, like a soft summer breeze. What I like best about getting into bed: fresh sheets and the luxury of organic cotton.

Yesterday we received a shipment of new sheets. Several weeks ago a reader asked where we got our sheets, so here, once again, is our secret: During our first year of operation, I discovered a California company called Coyuchi. That first year I also learned bed & breakfast sheets take quite a beating. Good sheets tend to be expensive. If you are willing to invest in quality, please remember to buy organic.

Of course, since Chez Sven is a business, we qualify for wholesale, but I believe organic cotton is worth the extra money since better for the environment. Not many people realize regular cotton sheets are made with the use of pesticides. The detail that really shocked me was up to 200 chemicals can be applied to a single plant in one season in the USA, which adds up to 1/3 pound of chemicals per pound of cotton fiber.

The disadvantage of organic cotton sheets? The softness is so incredibly seductive that one becomes addicted. Remember the fairy tale about the princess and the pea? Whenever I sleep on non-organic cotton, I’m afraid I’m like that princess, who tossed and turned until she discovered what was under the mattress.

How about you? Are your bed linens made of organic cotton? Do you have any good leads to share with fellow readers on where to buy organic cotton sheets?