Saturday, March 06, 2010

Wellfleet Becomes the Go-To Cape Town for Bread

C’est y est. La fabrication du pain au PB Boulangerie Bistro a demarré ce matin á 7 heures. When Sven and I stopped in at noon, there were at least a dozen people patiently waiting for bread, or watching, with admiration, from the sidelines as baker Boris Villatte pushed another tray of baguettes into his magnificent new oven. Here he is preparing whole wheat loaves. I don't need to tell you how marvelous the shop smelled. Today over 500 items zipped off the shelves, or out of wicker baskets, into the eager hands and mouths of Outer Cape citizens.

“Think of me as part of the plumbing,” said plumbing inspector Steve Pechonis, when I nodded at him

Steve’s wife was biting into her pain aux raisins. The couple was, of course, all smiles. Not surprising. We had a pain aux raisins earlier in the week and know how good they are. The croissants are delicious, too. And, just look at this fruit tart! Beside the tart, a quiche.

“Who is our next guest?” asked the young lady behind the counter.

Definitely the right thing to say. A twitter arose from the line.

“Guest! Did you hear that? We’re guests here, not customers!”

“Other bakeries are going to have a hard time topping this act,” said Sven as we exited the shop, baguette in hand.

The bread was still warm by the time we got home.

In a few weeks the bistro will start serving meals prepared by French chef Philippe Rispoli. How exciting is that!!!