Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lots to Protest on the Outer Cape

Cape Cod activism is alive and well. You can join the movement and oppose one of the following, or all three: 1.) The National Seashore's intention to poison predator crows, 2.) NStar's plan to spray up to five herbicides across 150 miles of Cape power lines, 3.) Wellfleet's proposal to raise a wind turbine near White Crest Beach ...

At noon today, activists Jared Collins and Laura Kelley will speak against NStar's plan for herbicidal spraying on the Organic Thinking radio show on WOMR.

Tomorrow Monday, at 7 pm, the Wellfleet Community Forum will hold a panel discussion at the Senior Center to discuss the wind turbine proposal.

I saved quite a few comments related to the turbine, comments submitted to past blog posts that were not on subject then, comments like this one from an anonymous reader:

“So sad that if the wind turbine goes through it will forever destroy Duck Pond and the tranquility as it will loom 400 FT about this glacial gem...very sad days for the woods of Wellfleet if the INDUSTRIAL TURBINE is allowed... Our own Avatar...”

Strangely enough, after the water tank went up on Long Pond Road, I felt my own position on local wind power shifting.

Here’s a description of the Forum event:

“A 400 foot, 1.5 megawatt-class turbine is being considered for town-owned land in the Wellfleet-by-the-Sea area within the National Seashore boundary. The panel will address the status and plans for the project, approaches to financing the project and the risks and benefits to the town of the approaches.

In October 2009 the Wellfleet Special Town Meeting voted to provide funds for wildlife and avian assessment and monitoring and ultimately for engineering, design, and permitting support for the project. This decision has raised controversy within Wellfleet. Reasons for not having a municipal wind turbine at this location will be presented by a spokesman for “Save Our Seashores” a group that is opposed to a turbine within the within the national seashore boundary. The panel will also talk about the experiences of other Cape Towns, and specifically Falmouth, whose own municipal wind turbine was recently dedicated."

Also tomorrow, at 5 pm, Eastham Selectmen will hold a meeting on NStar's plan for the Cape, with Rep. Sarah Peake in attendance. As you may remember, Eastham was the first town on Cape Cod to oppose the treatment of vegetation with a mixture of five herbicides, taking a stand against NStar as early as June, 2009.

If you live off-Cape but feel strongly on one or more of these issues, I urge you to make your voice heard. Write to your Selectman or Rep. Peake or Robert O'Leary. Even Senator Kerry is accepting letters regarding NStar. I know. I wrote him. He's on it: "I have forwarded your concerns regarding pesticide use to Tom May, CEO of NStar. I believe he is in the best position to assist and alleviate your problem ..."