Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Day for Dogs & Plovers

Yesterday was a great day for plovers and dogs. Above Carly Platt frolics in Great Pond. Dogs were out walking their masters, enjoying what felt like the beginning of spring. Yesterday the National Seashore announced it intends to pursue its plan for poisoning crows. This is not good news. What I don't understand is why the plover nests are clustered beside Duck Harbor and Bound Brook beaches and how poisoning 10 to 12 crows at these two locations will help plovers across the Outer Cape to rebound .... Anyone out there who can explain?

We have been enjoying a string of amazing days and the woods are full of hikers. Sven and I met several strangers with dogs on the path to Dyer Pond. We also ran into two women who were desperately consulting hand-held gadgets. The Provincetown residents were grateful to be pointed in the right direction to Dyer Pond, their destination.

A delegation from Green Cape, with a group of concerned citizens tagging along, made it to the Statehouse but were unsuccessful in meeting DAR Commissioner Scott Soares because no appointment had been made ahead of time ... Apparently, the press did not respond to the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition press release, entitled, "Health Concerns Lead Residents to Petition Against Toxic Herbicide Spraying by NSTAR on Cape Cod," either. It was fortunate I was not able to join the group because, as Sven said, I would have gone as ballistic as Helen Mirren, playing Tolstoy's wife Sophia after she discovered the plan to change her husband's will. Thanks go out to Rep. Sarah Peake who helped the delegation get inside the Statehouse. Rep. Peake has been such a staunch ally on this issue. (If you did not get a chance to hear Ira Wood's Outer Cape Debate Wednesday on WOMR, featuring Rep. Peake and Jared Collins, do listen to the show here.)

With the return of good weather came an increased risk of tick attack. Sven was actually bitten by a tick two days ago. Rep. Peake told me legislators are moving forward with a proposal for the creation of a research institute on Lyme disease, here in Massachusetts, after two other Lyme-related bills were defeated ...