Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pollution 101: Where Do I Sign Up?

Today my daughter told me that she had seen a nature doctor, who did some tests and told her that her body was less polluted than most, perhaps because she had grown up in France. This conclusion gave me pause when I realized the amounts of toxins the doctor must usually find because I did not do anything conscious to keep our diet toxin-free.

Are you aware exactly which ingredients are in the products you use and the packaged foods you eat? Read Judith Stock’s great post yesterday on this subject at Living Green, Living Well. If you want to take immediate action and stop using commercial toothpaste, visit Melanie McMinn’s Frugal Kiwi to learn how to make your own. And, finally, for those of you with kids, check out Christina Le Beau’s brand new blog Spoonfed: Raising Kids to Think About the Food They Eat.

Most recently I have been worrying about drinking water quality. Chicago reports DEET in its water supply. Officials in Amesbury expressed concern today about sodium fluoride from China, which dissolved so inefficiently that the town decided to stop using the remaining chemicals already purchased. 44 other Massachusetts communities use the same Chinese fluoride.

This month Silent Spring Institute will announce new research findings with regard to pharmaceuticals detected in pond water here on Cape Cod. In Yarmouth, the Board of Health is already studying the issue. (Read about it here.)

Is there fluoride in your town's water? Do you worry about the water you drink? Do you use a filter? Have you ever had your water analyzed to know what's in it besides H2O?