Friday, March 26, 2010

Powerlines: The Saga Continues

Turbulent seas here on the fragile sandbar that is Cape Cod. Anyone following the struggle between the utility company and local Cape Codders, worried by the danger herbicidal spraying poses to our environment, knows that today, March 26, marks the end of the official comment period. In the works, a one-year extension, backed by our legislators and the Cape Cod Commission. Submission of the paperwork was to happen today. But the Cape Cod Times brings word that the utility company is trying a maneuver to preempt this request, claiming a 30-day extension offer of their own. And, every day I find more evidence herbicides really do not belong in our lives ... (Hat tip to Janet who sent a link to an Environment 360 article, connecting the demise of bats with pesticides. Read it here.)