Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sven Celebrates Another Birthday - 47?

It's Restaurant Week on the Outer Cape, in case you didn't know. When I asked Sven where he wanted to dine yesterday for his birthday, he said, "Why, like last year. Winslow's Tavern!" So, that's where we headed. The team at Winslow's really knows how to make special events outstanding. They even brought us both glasses of champagne, on the house. The Restaurant Week menu offered an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert for $27. My choice was the monkfish with fennel and pureed parsnips. Delicious! What a subtle blend of flavors. There was another birthday boy in the room, who introduced himself to Sven as the Congregational Church minister. The two men decided June 6 was a great day to be born. After their conversation, Sven and I returned home where a birthday cake from Cottage Bakery was waiting. My daughter-in-law lit the seven candles, one for each decade, and carried the cake to the table. We sang songs in French, English, and Swedish. Sven got a new hammock and several history books. Tomorrow he is off to Sweden for three weeks vacation. Lucky man!