Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laxmi Opens in Wellfleet

Visitors to Wellfleet this season will find a brand new jewelry shop to explore, tucked away off 313 Main. Laxmi bears the name of its owner, a gentle soul whom I met yesterday for the first time. Wellfleetians may remember Laxmi as co-founder of Cello, a 1990s restaurant. More recently, she was at Mitchel’s Bistro in Eastham. After leaving the restaurant business, Laxmi embraced handicrafts in a big way.

“I try to do girly things,” she said with a nervous smile, since my visit turned out to be her first interview as a Wellfleet shop owner. “I make my own jewelry. This shop has always been my dream.”

Laxmi uses mother of pearl and hand-blown lamp-work beads, but also works in semi-precious stones like garnet, amber, turquoise and amethyst. Her necklaces are amazing. I also admired the Jobi pottery and vases. In the back room, women will enjoy the quirky clothing and accessories. A polka-dot scarf immediately caught my eye. The outfits looked easy to wear, and fun.

“I have plans to go global, but for now we do mostly American handicrafts,” Laxmi said. “I’m looking for local artists,” she added.

American handicrafts is fine by me. In fact, better. I have cousins who always buy a piece of jewelry while on their Wellfleet vacation. They will find treasures here. I’ll also be telling guests. Laxmi is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill shop. Do stop in and browse on your next trip downtown ….