Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What’s for Breakfast? Organic Strawberries!

Get them while they’re fresh off the truck from Barnstable. I made a special trip downtown today and bought these beauties for tomorrow’s breakfast. Our guests from Great Britain can only be pleased.

Sam, behind the counter at Hatch’s, was about to smother my strawberries in a plastic bag when I stopped him cold: “I hate plastic,” I said.

“Yes,” he responded. “It’s the Devil’s synthetic fabric.”

It’s too bad you cannot smell these berries through the Internet. Commercial berries have no taste, no smell. How did we reach this point, I ask you?

Read about what’s on strawberries at What’s on my Food?. The USDA Pesticide Data Program reports there were 54 pesticide residues found on conventionally grown strawberries. Yuck! Not for my granddaughter, please.

Do you have a local source of organic strawberries where you live?