Monday, June 06, 2011

Update on Herbicial Spraying on Cape Cod

Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted about herbicidal spraying recently, but not because the issue isn't on my mind. I think about the risk toxic chemicals pose to our environment every day. This spring I went with Laura Kelley, of Littlefield Landscapes, to speak with the Cape & Islands District Rep. for our new Congressman, Bill Keating. Here we are, outside the office in Hyannis. You probably remember how we held "pruning parties" last year to demonstrate other means of vegetation management are a viable option. In the photo to the left, Town Administrator Paul Sieloff and Health Agent Hillary Greenberg, participate in a pruning party. Although the Cape Cod Commission did succeed in obtaining a second moratorium, the risk to our sole-source aquifer remains a serious threat.

The corporate powers in charge of NStar/Northeast Utilities still intend to spray herbicides across 150 miles of Cape Cod. These toxic chemicals will enter our sole-source aquifer. Toxic chemicals are endocrine distruptors. Emerging science shows that even traces can harm the developing fetus.

This spring we had B&B guests from When I explained our predicament here on Cape Cod, our guests suggested creating a petition. Today I learned that GreenCape has already done so. Therefore, I urge you all to take a minute today to sign their petition at Thank you!