Monday, June 27, 2011

Jerusha to Play Preservation Hall

Combine Wellfleet, concern for the environment, and good music, and what have you got? Jerusha and the Beat Greens, who will perform at Preservation Hall this evening at 7 pm to benefit the Homeless Prevention Council. Jerusha’s new album was recently praised in the Cape Cod Times: “Sublime mix … lyrical style … beautiful storytelling.”

Many of you may know Jerusha as the founder of Cape Cool. I was less familiar with the Beat Greens. This local group evolved from the marching band led by Lisa Brown in the annual Independence Day parade, shown here in 2008 or 2009. Members play bucket drums made out of usable recyclables: “Doing the right thing and having fun doing it” could be their motto.

Yesterday I asked the singer/songwriter to explain the title track of her CD ...

“Atmosphere is mostly invisible to us but we couldn’t live without it,” Jerusha said. “What we call the atmosphere of our homes and our towns can also be invisible, but crucial. It’s not just about protecting our air and water and open space. It’s about how we treat each other.”

In other words, community, which makes Prez. Hall the perfect venue for this concert. How important community has become in the second decade of the new millennium!

I salute Jerusha for having taken up the defense of Cape Cod water with a new song, “Powerlines for the People,” a reggae ditty you will not soon forget.

“That’s what it’s all about,” she added. “Creating alliances, supporting each other.”

It’s hard to believe there are Wellfleetians without homes, but this unfortunate situation does exist. Affordable summer rentals are almost impossible to find these days. The Homeless Prevention Council, formerly the Outer Cape Outreach Interfaith Council for the Homeless, works to help those in need.

Jerusha had just returned from the Clearwater Festival, the country’s largest annual environmental celebration, inspired by Pete Seeger. “We got Pete’s autograph on a guitar we will play tomorrow,” she said proudly.

Jerusha won raves Earth Day weekend at the First Encounter Coffee House in Eastham. To reach the gig chosen for release of the new CD, Jerusha and her band of talented musicians took the Flex bus as she suggests on the track, “Turn Toward Peace,” audible on Cape Cool's home page.

Great music, a worthy cause. $10/person. Don’t miss this unique event tonight.