Friday, June 17, 2011

Terra Luna: Atmosphere and Good Food

Terra Luna has always been one of my favorite local restaurants, a summer place Sven and I recommend although it's twenty minutes away. Last month Terra Luna acquired new ownership. I decided to take advantage of an invitation to dinner and check out whether my favorite dishes had remained the same.

To get there from Wellfleet, you turn at Atlantic Spice and take 6 A, which winds its way through sleepy North Truro. Just when you think you’ve gotten lost in a residential part of town, up pops the restaurant, on the left-hand side of the road, right after what must be the tackiest yard on Cape Cod. Terra Luna’s garden looks abandoned, but the interior was still tastefully decorated with quality oil paintings, as I remembered. Check out this beautiful stained-glass window! My daughter took a quick peek at the menu and described the cuisine as “Italian fusion.” Her husband commented on the nice atmosphere.

The owners are offering a Prix Fixe five-course dinner until the end of June for $30, which appealed to my son-in-law. I picked the artichoke pat̩ and the Fra Diavolo. This traditional seafood stew did not disappoint, with clams, mussels, fish, and squid piled high over spaghetti and spicy tomato sauce. I seem to remember a fancier sort of pasta Рangel hair? Рbut could be mistaken. There also used to be a piece of lobster in the mix. In any case, I really enjoyed my flavorful meal.

On the back of the menu, I noticed this note: “We are proud to use local business in our establishment. Thanks to our farmers, fishermen, and winery for their hard work and dedication to our community.” I asked the owner if an effort was made to serve organic and he confirmed that it was. We were all struck by the variety and attention to detail. Our food was truly delicious. Vegetarians and vegans would do well to seek out Terra Luna. I plan to go back in the fall, with Sven!