Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cape Cod, Famous For .... Potato Chips?

What’s crunchy, potato-flavored, ever-so-satisfying, and Made on Cape Cod? Cape Cod Potato Chips, of course. Plural, please, because it’s impossible to eat just one. I’m an addict. In fact, potato chips are one food I cannot resist, which is why I never buy any. But we have family visiting, so the larder is full.

There’s nothing like a Cape Cod potato chip, according to my son, who lives in California. This visit he had to try every single variety available. My favorite remains the 40% Reduced Fat, and you can guess why ...

It’s possible to visit the factory in Hyannis, a fun rainy-day activity for anyone visiting Wellfleet in June. Casey Barber, who writes Good Food Stories, reported on a recent visit in a blog post last week. Do check it out.