Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Creating Memories that Last a Lifetime ...

Happy summer, everybody! If I was technically clever, I would here insert a riff from one of the many rock tunes that feature the word “summer,” but you will have to simply use your imagination. Now, with the weather cooperating with blissful sunny days, it’s easier to think about what summer means, and summer vacation in particular. For many people, summer vacation = Wellfleet.

Our current Green Room guests both came to Cape Cod as children. The man told me about memories of walking out on the flats, at low tide; fishing with his father out of Wellfleet Harbor; exploring the various beaches. He was here to relive those memories and share them with his girlfriend, as well as to kayak.

This conversation made me realize that my son had been doing exactly the same thing during his visit earlier this month. He had enjoyed walking down to PJs for ice cream cones, so he went with his daughter, more than once. The first place he took his family was Duck Harbor. The second place was Dyer Pond. We went out for lobster at Moby Dick’s and learned Todd Barry once worked for David Francis at the Lobster Hutt, just as did my son. What Todd does at Moby’s is, in fact, a copy of the model David launched. Even the red and white oilcloths on the tables are similar. The Wellfleet flea market was also on the family list of must-sees. What my son was doing was creating happy memories of summer for his own children, based on childhood experiences.

Favorite summer memories for me include collecting fireflies in a jar with holes and then letting them go. My brother surely would remember our games of Wiffle ball in Washington, DC. For my eldest daughter, the memory would be roasting marshmallows. What are yours?