Friday, February 12, 2010

Plastic Bags = Danger to Marine Life

Whenever I shop downtown and the lady at the Wellfleet Marketplace counter stuffs one loaf of bread and a pot of yogurt into a flimsy plastic bag, I lean towards her and softly murmur, “I don't want your bag. Plastic bags are oh so bad for the environment. Let’s try to use as few plastic bags as possible, don’t you think?” Then I unzip my canvas bag and hope she will think to ask the next customer whether he/she remembered to bring a bag. I also keep a wicker basket in my car, great for fruit and veggie purchases at Phoenix, in Orleans. Beth Terry, at Fake Plastic Fish, has an image of a seagull’s stomach on her blog showing the plastic it ingested. Today she suggests ways to store bread without plastic. Yesterday she posted a video, to promote the use of canvas bags. Check it out!