Monday, February 22, 2010

Email Exchange: Perfect Winter Weekend in Wellfleet

What amazing weather Saturday! Sven and I went to the beach not once, but twice. These photos were taken at the harbor, where we saw several small families out collecting shells and enjoying the sunset. February is an ideal time for Cape Codders, who now live elsewhere, to return for a visit. The beaches are deserted, the restaurants empty, the air oh so fine and pure. Our return guest Geoff Rogers grew up on the Cape and loves to share this special place with children Angus and Fiona, and wife Andrea. After their visit, we exchanged these emails:

“Dear Geoff,

I hope you got home safe and had a nice time. We walked on the beach yesterday and were glad you had such a very exceptional beach day. I'm afraid I may have forgotten the butter. So, please forgive me if that was the case. Thank you for those amazing chocolates! They are almost sinful. Best to you all, Sandy”

“Dear Sandy and Sven,

Thank you both so much for this past weekend's stay at Seagull Cottage. We had a lovely time.

On Saturday we went to the Audubon Sanctuary. It's nice that they know us there, and look surprised when we show up outside our normal camping time in summer. It’s good to feel as though you are a ‘regular.’ A few years ago, Angus decided, of his own volition, that he wanted to help out, so he took $35 of the money he earns from odd jobs and presented it to the good people at Wellfleet Bay. They were quite astonished, and since then, of course, Angus gets a fund appeal letter every December. Maybe that's why they remember us? We had a picnic lunch in the lee of Try Island, one of those islands that isn't surrounded by water any longer, and sat there in the gorgeous afternoon sunshine, watching birds. It was perfect. Later, we went to Marconi Beach and down the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail just at sunset. We have never been there when the whole thing is frozen. It was a bit spooky as it got dark, with those old twisted trunks and dark shadows creeping in on all sides.

We took your advice and went to Mac's in Eastham and treated ourselves to Chatham cod. We told the friendly people there that we had read about their efforts in the Nature Conservancy magazine. Nice folks, and good fresh produce as well as the fish.

This morning we went to Coast Guard Beach, partly to be on the beach again and partly to show the kids where the Outermost House once stood. We have read and reread the chapter on the terrible nor'easter when the sleet came driving in, and when Beston went out in the height of the gale at midnight to watch the ferocious high tide crash through the dunes. Fabulous!

Then we stopped at Bird Watcher's store in Orleans, and Fiona told them a joke (for a free pencil). Before heading home, we visited my sister in Barnstable.

The cottage was excellent, of course, spotless as ever, cozy, just perfect for the four of us.

We'll be back.

Oh, and there was butter.

Kind wishes,