Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Bloggers Love Comments ...

Here's what I have been asking myself recently: Are the Outer Cape, with its sandy soil and single source aquifer, and the National Seashore, with its pristine woodlands and beaches, so very special that the region deserves a different set of rules from other parts of the country?

Many of you may have listened to Selectman Ira Wood on Outer Cape Radio this morning. The show made it clear what incredible passion animates both sides of the wind turbine debate. Thank you to Ira for bringing us both points of view. The Wellfleet Forum will hold its March 1 session on the same issue, if you want to weigh in then.

I was delighted to hear from five readers regarding the water tower, which took so many of us unawares. Funny how the new tower impacts reaction to the wind turbine proposal! In any case, thank you to everyone who posted comments. If you cannot figure out how to comment, shoot me an email and I will post the comment for you. Bloggers thrive on comments. I'm glad more of you have stopped lurking and joined the conversation. Blogs without comments are like children without clothes: the kids don't care about being naked, but passersby consider them with more respect if they're dressed up.