Friday, February 05, 2010

Call to Action: Keep Wellfleet Pure!

Thank you to Anonymous for the kind words in the comment he/she left yesterday. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I do enjoy taking photos of beautiful Wellfleet. Above, for instance, a shot of Newcomb Hollow Beach, visited last week. The air was crisp and pure. How marvelous nature can be when humans do not get involved with their polluting ways! In today's world, we have all kinds of toxic substances to worry about. If it's not the air, or the food, it's the water. Please join me and the MA Breast Cancer Coalition in telling NStar we do NOT want herbicides sprayed under the power lines, since traces of these synthetic chemicals will filter down into our single source aquifer, flow into private wells, and be consumed by you, my fellow Cape Codders, as well as by our summer visitors. If you have friends who will help KEEP WELLFLEET PURE, refer them to this blog post. Over two thousand people have signed Green Cape's petition, but NStar still doesn't get it. So, your favorite blogger urges you to take a stand. Click through here to obtain Jeffrey Luce's email and protest NStar's plan, now advanced in date to March. Other methods of vegetation control are possible, but NStar insists on toxic chemicals. Please see the right-hand column in the latest MBCC Newsletter for more information. Thank you, thank you!