Tuesday, February 02, 2010

When Dreams Become Reality ....

One can get lost, staring out at the limitless horizon. Ideas may pour into the mind but how many actually come to fruition? Because a group of Wellfleetians dared to believe in their dreams, our town will soon have a magnificent community center. Word came yesterday that work is to commence on Preservation Hall, in the heart of the village. A date has been set for the ground-breaking ceremony: March 20th. Regular summer visitors will be able to admire progress over vacation. The Hall will welcome its first guests in a year’s time.

“We’re very close to opening the doors to a beautiful new space where the community can gather and grow through exciting social and cultural experiences. We expect to be inaugurating the center by the end of this year and celebrating with a New Year’s Eve party,” declared Marla Rice, president of the Prez. Hall board.

Because of the dreams of a few, all of Wellfleet and beyond will benefit. Thank you, thank you!

Acella is the name of the company, chosen for construction of the addition and renovation of the existing structure. Check out an artist’s rendering of Wellfleet’s future wedding venue and community center. Rumors swirl about exactly which courses may become available. Shakespeare? Vegetarian cooking? Native American Studies? French? Only the program director knows for sure. Stay tuned.