Saturday, February 27, 2010

PB Boulangerie to Open Thursday

Now here’s a good reason to come spend next weekend in Wellfleet, should you need one … PB Boulangerie will open on Thursday. This afternoon Sven and I stopped in to chat with Boris Villatte, the marvelous baker (marvelous is an adjective that applies, I now can assure you, because I have tasted his bread), and he gave us this news, adding that the bistro opening will follow in a few weeks. A batch of “rejects” had just emerged from the oven and the aroma wafted through the front hall into the empty restaurant beyond. We hightailed it home with a bag full of bread. I dove into the butter croissant, which melted in my mouth, then gobbled up half a pain aux raisins. Sven made himself a big ham sandwich. We both were in bread heaven.

“Marvelous bread!” Sven declared. “I haven’t eaten this type since Paris. It brings back nostalgia from France.”

Tourists, if you can’t afford France in this year of recession, reserve lodging now in a spectacular town where you can eat spectacular REAL French bread and spectacular meals at PB Boulangerie Bistro.

Boris told us the restaurant opening will follow in a few weeks.