Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Revving Up for a Cape Cod Valentine ...

Valentine's Day is only five days away. Have you gotten your sweetie something sweet yet? Flowers also make a great gift, although at this time of the year, one does have to worry about their being imported and pesticide-grown. Here's what I hope to receive: Love Letter Cookies from Dancing Deer.

Valentine's used to be a favorite of mine before moving to France. People simply don't celebrate the same way over there. As an American teenager, I used to create messages that expressed love. For my parents, I wrote poems. One of my more memorable ideas was a love letter containing hundreds of tiny red hearts that all fell out and fluttered into the air, when my boyfriend opened the envelope, unfortunately for him, in a crowded elevator. If you live on the Outer Cape, how about a more sensible gift, like chocolates from the Wellfleet Candy Company, available at Wellfleet Marketplace? Or, tickets to Wellfleet Harbor Actors' Theater? Or, dinner for two at Wicked Oyster?

What's the most unusual V-Day gift you have ever received?