Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wind Turbine Generates Debate

I looked up into the trees, near the library, and saw these birds. Wellfleetians don’t usually look up, but rather out, towards the horizon, be it bay or ocean. On Ocean View Drive people tend to admire the scenic vista of sea and sky, but if a wind turbine is placed at White Crest, no one can deny that it will attract the eye.

Interesting comments earlier today, although I would have liked to hear from additional readers about the water tower. ITScout brought up the proposed wind turbine and that was exactly what I planned to write about tomorrow, Wednesday. One can be in favor of alternative energy and even love watching wind turbines at work off the coast of Germany, yet have doubts about whether or not they are appropriate within the National Seashore, at a site which is almost sacred to so many non-residents. Yet, White Crest is one of the windiest spots on the whole east coast, perfect for generating energy ...

This wind turbine will be the subject of Ira Wood’s first radio call-in show on WOMR, Outer Cape Debate, tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9 am. Ira reports, “With every show we’ll be selecting a topic of current interest on the Outer Cape and hosting people on either side to talk about the pros and cons as they see them. Then we’ll open the phone lines and throw the show over to you, the listener, for questions, comments, and opinions.”

First guests will be Geof Karlson of the Wellfleet Energy Committee and Jim Rogers of Save Our Sea Shore, a group of abutters who have created a Web site in opposition to placement at White Crest. The discussion will be lively. Be sure to listen in.