Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Enjoy Your Wellfleet Getaway

How to get the most out of a weekend away? That’s easy. Come to Wellfleet. Book a room at Chez Sven. Swim in Dyer Pond. Go see a play or two. Read my e-book.

The couple above did not stay with us because they live here. Say hello to Jonathan Fielding and Brenda Withers, two of the six movers and shakers at Harbor Stage. They dropped by with an invitation to a get-together planned Tuesday late afternoon, a “Hospitality Open House.” I hope to be able to attend. Plays at Harbor Stage are only $20. Now, that’s a steal. You will shortly learn why …

This weekend some delightful return guests arrived sweaty, hot, and tired and immediately headed for Dyer Pond. By Saturday, they had relaxed. Worries were forgotten. On Sunday, Ann and Tim fairly floated into the breakfast room. They were already talking about their next visit.

Here are a few delicious quotes from Ann:

Saturday morning: “It’s nice to come here and chill out. Tim said to me, ‘Sandy must put something in the air.’ A chill-out drug.”

Saturday afternoon, after a bit of shopping: “There’s a store, a few shops down from Marketplace. I got a summer shift, I got a blouse, I got a wallet.”

“For me, Seagull Cottage is perfect. It’s private, and beautiful, and rustic. I love that there are different levels. And, the art!!!!”

This couple has now stayed in all three of our rooms.

Friday night they went to see The Consequences at WHAT and loved it. Saturday night they got tickets for Hedda Gabler at Harbor Stage and loved it even more. I think the adjective used was “spectacular" theater.

It’s great when guests are this happy. As soon as they get home, Ann and Tim plan to download my e-book about Wellfleet. Have you gotten your copy yet?