Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cape Cod Life Announces 2012 Winners

Every year Cape Cod Life Magazine holds a contest to choose the best everything on Cape Cod. Readers make nominations in a diverse range of "Best of" categories, but not Best Blog. Hmmm. Wonder why? I’ve already suggested the creation of a blog category, since it is 2012 and 6.7 million people publish blogs. Not necessarily every day, the way I do. Cape Cod Life even awards a walking/bike trail and a park/nature area. Place-blogs can be a way of staying in touch with Cape Cod all year long. I think we should be able to vote for them on the Reader’s Choice Ballot. What do you think? How about everyone give a call and ask Cape Cod Life to add a blog category for 2013?? (508-419-7381)

Congratulations to Wellfleet's 2012 gold winners:

Bakery: PB Boulangerie Bistro

Children’s Shop: Abiyoyo

Farm Stand: Hatch’s Produce

Fine Arts Gallery: Left Bank

Flowers: Kelley’s Flowers (My flower garden isn't bad either.)

Gift Shop: Periwinkle

Motel: Even’Tide

Nightlife/Music: The Beachcomber

Rainy Day Activity: Wellfleet Drive-in Theater

Restaurant Reachable by Boat: Mac’s Seafood at the Pier

Shop for Arts and Crafts: Wellfleet Flea Market