Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crabs Galore but No More Bear

Overnight, the famous tweeting bear was discovered in a Wellfleet garden, tranquilized and shipped off Cape ... Over the weekend Sven and I took a walk over Uncle Tim’s bridge and proceeded down the sand path. The tide was coming in. The afternoon sun shone brightly. Sparkles lit up Duck Creek. Pedestrians were out, taking in the beautiful day, included two tourists from Scotland, who chatted with us for a while. We walked on and suddenly I noticed something at my feet. As I looked around, I realized there were hundreds of tiny crabs, many with one huge claw, making a mad dash across the path. You would think they would have been heading towards the marsh, but no. They rushed toward the wooded shoreline. Does anyone know why? Have you witnessed this migration of fiddler crabs, or one similar?