Saturday, June 09, 2012

Come Celebrate Wellfleet Earth Day

The town was shoring up the sand beside the pier yesterday. It’s a good time to do cleanup, don’t you think? Have nothing planned for the day? How about stopping by Baker’s Field to help volunteers do spring cleaning? June 9th was chosen for Wellfleet's Earth Day because there are more now people here than there were in April. The event is being organized by newcomer Ann Schiffenhaus, in coordination with the Recreation Department. Ann hopes to stimulate Wellfleetians to think about the environment and make the playground a more pleasant place. Voluntters can help build benches, sand poles on the tennis court, paint the shack. There will be information on energy audits available and boxes for recycling electronics. Stop in and pledge an act of green. The event will close with a barbecue. There's still time to stop by and help or simply thank these busy bees for creating a nicer place for our children to play. Check out what's going on: