Saturday, June 02, 2012

Foxy Letter Published by P-town Banner

On March 20th, protesters, including Wellfleet's Femke Rosenbaum, marched in Plymouth but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission granted a permit to Pilgrim anyway. That week the Provincetown Banner ran a story about second-home owners, distressed at seeing foxes, crossing Outer Cape yards.
Here's my letter in response: "I was flabbergasted by your story about second-home owners who complained about foxes walking through their yards. These people would do better to protest the foxes that recently awarded a new permit to the 40-year-old Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, right across Cape Cod Bay as the prevailing west wind blows. Or, the foxes who plan to contaminate our sole-source aquifer through the application of four herbicides under the power lines to control vegetation, critters known as Northeast foxes now that Governor Patrick has allowed the merger with NStar. Year-round citizens oppose these projects, having the potential to disrupt the environment on Cape Cod forever. Second-home owners should know our legislators, Rep. Sarah Peake and Senator Dan Wolf, publically expressed their concern on both matters but to no avail. Those of us who live on the Outer Cape year-round are trying to guard the hen house. We need help from second-home owners. Rather than call animal control officers, the fox-protesters should call the EPA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission."