Thursday, June 28, 2012

Banner Reporter Praises E-book on Wellfleet

Do you have your copy of the Provincetown Banner yet? Open to page 16. There I am, looking very much like my brother. The headline reads “Local writer touts ‘trendy’ Wellfleet in new e-book.” Reporter Marilyn Miller did an excellent job of informing her readers about the first e-book written exclusively on Wellfleet: “Cape Cod travel guides typically describe all 15 towns, but Grabbe focuses intensely on Wellfleet, and digs deep to provide information.”

You can read a review of the e-book on Irene Levine’s blog More Time to Travel.

Now, if that review and Marilyn's article don’t make you want to read Wellfleet, An Insider’s Guide to Cape Cod’s Trendiest Town, I don’t know what will. What? You don't have an e-reader? Never fear. My son tells me that it's possible to read e-books on a computer. Find directions on my author's site, fifth paragraph down.

If you are visiting this blog for the first time, please check out some of my earlier posts this spring to get a flavor of Wellfleet in off-season.

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