Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogger Publishes First E-Book on Wellfleet

This weekend is special for me because my first book has now been published and you, my dear readers, are the first to know. Last week I mentioned the photo shoot. Everyone was very curious about why I was having my photo taken. The reason was I needed a professional photo for my new author’s site, created by my son Paul Boutin. The “white” photo is still up, Sven’s favorite, and it is growing on me. Photographer Steffen Thalemann took a number of photos, including a series where I hold a pink umbrella. For the time being, we will content ourselves with a photo that shows me in the National Seashore, on the path leading to Duck Harbor, one of my favorite places in Wellfleet, above.

I was moved by the comments left on this blog, how Wellfleet means so much to so many of you, how you get through the rest of the year by checking in here to stay in touch with “your favorite place in the whole wide world.” Now you can carry Wellfleet around with you on your e-reader. Yes, I have written the first e-book about our favorite town.

The first question that comes to mind is probably how to obtain a copy. Very simple. If you have an e-reader, go to my author’s site and download the eBook. This page provides installation instructions. We decided to keep the price low to give anyone who is hesitating an extra push.

The second question is how can I help Sandy sell her eBook. That’s easy. Tell everyone you know. Shout it from the closest dune. Since 114 people follow my blog at last count, how about everyone convince 10 friends, who also love Wellfleet, to download the eBook? That makes over 1000 copies sold the first week. Can we do it? Let’s try. The proceeds go to a good cause. I am going to donate 75%, after tax and expenses, to the Wellfleet Food Pantry. The other 25% will go to Paul, in thanks for his help, so that he can increase the amount of organic fruit and veggies he buys every week for my grandkids.

If you do not own an e-reader, never fear. It is also possible to read Wellfleet, An Insider’s Guide to Cape Cod’s Trendiest Town on an iPhone. Since I have neither, I have not had a chance to check out the text again and admire the photos. I hope you like them. Let me know what you think.