Monday, June 11, 2012

Art in Wellfleet (Part 2)

Art can be created anywhere in town, even sitting on a picnic table at Mayo Beach! Zealous promoters have called Wellfleet “the art gallery town.” It’s true there are two dozen galleries to visit in summer, and Saturday night openings to attend. Not all the art is Made in Wellfleet, however. That may be about to change … Remember how Wellfleet Blossoms turned out to be such a huge success? One of the most popular workshops was “How to Make a Living as a Starving Artist,” a seminar that sought to provide tips on how artists could stay on Cape and live from their art. Attendees were inspired to regroup as the Wellfleet Artists Exchange, or WAX. Like a mother hen, Judith Stiles has taken this group under her wing. WAX has already met four times since April. Then came an unanticipated invitation to exhibit at Truro Vineyards’ WAAM (Wine, Appetizers, Art, Music), on Wednesdays, late-afternoon-evening, starting June 27th.

The second development for this newly formed group was the realization WAX could serve as an information exchange. The first results of collaboration will be greeting cards, sold at Stiles’s Newcomb Hollow Shop, on Main Street, as well as other shops through town.

The artists, aged from 20 to 65, meet once a month.

“Everyone is somewhere on their journey of making art,” explained Judith. “There’s a nice variety of art in the group: stained glass, pottery, photography. We have a cartoonist, someone how makes furniture. Oil painters, print makers …” Judith also mentioned beach collectibles by Sarah Miller, so keep your eyes peeled for those as well.

It’s fabulous that the Blossoms festival lit the way for the future of art in Wellfleet!

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