Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Eggs Galore

Several weeks ago I signed up for a free carton of Pete & Gerry's eggs. I then received an email from Ken, Heirloom Events & Promotion Manager, who made an appointment to stop by. He came Friday. It was his only stop on Outer Cape Cod, where a black bear now roams. I was working in the garden when I heard a truck pull onto the oyster-shell drive. Ken was wandering around the house when I found him. In his arms, a cardboard box that contained six dozen eggs! "Happy hens lay better eggs," is the company trademark and, presumably, motto. The eggs from Pete & Gerry's are organic, laid by cage-free "Certified Humane" hens. The cartons are made from recycled PETE. I will recycle them again at the Wellfleet Transfer Station. I did not realize Pete & Gerry's sells several different types of eggs, including an heirloom variety, which I have not yet seen in any local shops and cannot wait to taste. Do you still buy eggs laid by chickens on factory farms? Have you made the switch to eggs sold by companies like Ben & Gerry's or by real farmers at farmers' markets? If not, why not? Will you be going to the Wellfleet farmers' market tomorrow?