Sunday, February 05, 2012

Update on Wellfleet News

Lots of activity in Wellfleet of late ...

1.) Mac's Seafood threw a fabulous Groundhog's Day party at Preservation Hall. The fortunate forty, at the tables, were treated to an eight-course dinner of local foods, difficult to find in winter. Several members of the Cape & Islands radio team, including Jay Allison, were present. Mac and Alex Hay took turns describing, in detail, the sources of all ingredients used in the preparation of this magnificent meal. Sorry to have missed what must have been a unique event!

2.) The reconfiguration of Cumberland Farms was denied by the Wellfleet Board of Appeals. The lawyer pointed out the impossibility of a request for change of permit, when none had been issued to begin with.

3.) The Dunkin' Donuts' drive-thru application was withdrawn.

4.) The Wellfleet IFAW volunteers were followed by a team from CNN for a day. The IFAW spokesperson went before Congress that same day and was able to share live footage of Wellfleetians rescuing dolphins. Pretty cool!

5.) Dan Lombardo has been chosen as WHAT's artistic director.