Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Say, "Hey! No BPA!"

Have you heard of Frederic vom Saal? How about Theo Colborn? Neither lives in Wellfleet, but I need to introduce you to them anyway. (Theo Colborn, you may remember. She wrote Our Stolen Future, a book I give B&B guests who show more than a passing interest in the environment. Frederic vom Saal is a scientist I encountered for the first time in Stephan Jarl's film Submission, still not available in the USA, unfortunately.) I urge you to read an article in the Missourian which provides the clearest explanation of why chemicals like BPA must be avoided, what endocrine disruptors are, and why we need to all demand that the FDA ban them. There was also an article Monday in the Washington Post about endocrine disruptive chemicals in cosmetics. Please read, share with friends and family, and join the movement away from disease towards health through safer chemicals.