Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We did not get to the "Trunk or Treat" at the drive-in again this year. The annual Halloween party was organized by the Wellfleet Fire Department. That's where all the neighborhood kids went. We did not receive any little trick-or-treaters, which is a shame. But, we did get one adult, and boy, was she ever dressed to kill. What a costume! I caught a glimpse of our big trick-or-treater through the kitchen window and trembled. Femke Rosenbaum, of Clean Water Art Action Cape Cod, had decorated her cape with the names of the herbicides NStar intends to use under the power lines. These herbicides are very scarey, too. She and husband Peter were on their way downtown to go trick-or-treating. The trick? Spraying herbicides. Don't you just love this American holiday? Yay for Halloween!