Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wellfleet Makes ...the Chicago Tribune! Huh?

Above, a photo of the line at the Bookstore ten days ago, during Wellfleet Boogie, formerly known as Boogie-by-the-Bay.

There's a new article about our town in the October/November issue of Cape Cod View. Of course, Oysterfest is mentioned, but the street party that will take place in ten days is fortunately not the only focus. I enjoyed the scope of the piece and the photos. Do pick up a copy.

Wellfleet was also featured in a very non-local newspaper this week. One has to really wonder about our town's trendiness when the Chicago Tribune runs an article about Oysterfest. Aren't more appropriate festivals taking place closer to the windy city? There are a number of inaccuracies, too, which shows the reporter was too busy enjoying himself to bother double-checking information. "All roads lead to water," the piece begins. I know quite a few that don't but let's not squabble about that. It's a dramatic way to hook the reader, even if untrue. He further writes, "Oysters are painted on the sides of residential homes." Really? Can anyone point me to one house that is decorated with paintings of shellfish? By the time I got to the author's attempt at opening oysters with a pilfered wrench, I was thinking he should have maybe aimed for humor. The writing leaves much to be desired, but this is certainly good publicity for Aunt Sukie's, the Bookstore, Wicked Oyster, and Mac's Seafood, not to mention Oysterfest. I wonder how many Chicagoans will journey to Cape Cod for the weekend of Oct. 15-16?