Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When Sleeping Is Bliss

EMAIL FROM FORMER GUEST: We so enjoyed our stay last summer at your Seagull Cottage. Just this weekend we were reminiscing about our relaxing week at your cottage. We slept the best we ever had in years in the Seagull bed. We follow your blogs and recalled that some time ago you posted a blog about the bedding in the main house.

We have decided it is time to invest in a new mattress, and Rob wants to be sure to replicate a mattress and bedding to match the 'specification' of 'the bed' in the Seagull cottage last summer. For this we are asking if you could help us identify the specifics of the mattress and bedding you recommend for this blissful total effect.

I'll then have to dry our sheets in the sun, as I saw you did. I know that despite our best efforts, with your help of course, we still can not duplicate the marsh & sea air, sounds, and ambiance of Wellfleet and Chez Sven. But I am intent on giving it my best effort. Thank you for this information.

MY RESPONSE: Glad you remember your stay with such fondness and glad to hear you follow my blog. That's great!

As for the bed in the cottage, it is extremely comfortable, I agree. We bought it in 1997, so I am afraid to say that it is no longer possible to find that mattress. I have had other guests inquire. I looked it up on the Internet, etc. No dice. Sorry!

We really enjoy the mattresses we have in our Main House rooms, which are newer. They are both made by Nature Rest. Jordan's Furniture carries that brand. Guess you will have to come back and try one! Or, you could go to Jordan's Furniture stores that have the mattress locker, or whatever they call it, and you can test. There are three firmness qualities, as I recall. They keep changing the names every year though. I had a mattress specialist advise me there. That was his job.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful! Have a good fall