Sunday, October 02, 2011

Yes, Fish Can Be Caught from Wellfleet Pier

Yesterday Sven and I went for a quiet walk around the marina. A slight breeze was blowing. The sun had emerged from behind a cloud, after heavy rain at dawn and morning cloudiness that had lingered into the afternoon. The tide was incoming high. The marina has really become The Place To Walk. It's flat, and easy. What's more the view is never boring. We passed quite a few people, some with walkers, some without. No one young was out walking, however. I suppose they have better things to do. Sven remarked the number of benches has increased. I noted a memorial inscription to a nice man we had known, Brewster Fox, who "swam with dolphins" in Wellfleet Harbor in 1950. Even the picnic tables have memorial inscriptions now. Every fourth bench was occupied by a couple resting, or a lone woman gazing off into the distance. We said hello to every one of them. Since I had spied a rowboat near the pier, we headed over in that general direction. Unfortunately the rowboat's skipper had moved in close to a sailboat and his passengers had already disembarked, so I was not able to take a photo. However, I did photograph several people fishing. We watched two women joyfully reel in stipers, one after the other. They had collected a pailful. Apparently these small fish were biting and are good smoked. Do you like to fish? Have you ever fished off the pier?