Friday, October 14, 2011

What's Happening this Weekend in Wellfleet?

Above, Sven chats with shellfishermen on the pier last week.

Message left on my answering machine yesterday: "Hi. I'm a foreign journalist, in town for three days, and wondered about accommodation. I saw your place three years ago. I'd leave a number, but you could not reach my cell, so I'll ring back later."

Sorry foreign journalist. Chez Sven has been booked for months.

Facebooked by Cape Cod, Massachusetts: "I'd ask what everyone is doing this weekend, but we already know."

All together now, OY-STER-FEST! Yay!

Facebooked by Josaiah Mayo: "After opening oysters all weekend downtown, I will be playing with Squidda at our annual Post-Oysterfest Locals Jag at Sol's closing party."

Sounds like fun.

Facebooked by PB Boulangerie Bistro: "In honor of the Wellfleet Oyster Festival this weekend, PB will be offering a Tasting of Wellfleet Oysters, one of the best in America. This will consist of an oyster a la romanesco a la O'Neil, oyster with a sherry vinegar granitee, oyster persilade, an oyster with lemongrass veloute and a raw oyster for $16."

No, PB. THE best in America, not "one of the best."

Thousands the Wellfleet oysters and clams will soon be ready for degustation. Bring your appetite and head on down.