Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What's Innkeeping Like?

For those of you who dream of innkeeping, here's The Lowdown. Today WOMR's Ira Wood interviewed Janet Loewenstein, above, former owner of Wellfleet's Stone Lion Inn, on the reality vs. the fantasy of running a bed and breakfast. Janet ran her popular Commercial Street establishment for eleven years before calling it quits last winter. The inn was sold and has become a summer residence. Janet explained that it's hard to leave the house while innkeeping and that a social life becomes something the innkeeper remembers with nostalgia. Janet had to train a dozen helpers over the 2010 season, which would make anyone eager to be in a different line of business. She also mentioned the need for more "high-caliber lodging" in Wellfleet and the pleasure derived from receiving, as guests, the fascinating people who come to our town, two very accurate observations, in my opinion. I think those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will find it interesting to listen, once today's show becomes available online, since so much of what Janet said corroborates my posts on innkeeping. So, Ira, when are you going to do a show on local blogging?