Monday, October 03, 2011

Bottoms Up!

Yesterday, on an impulse, I decided to offer our guests from Brooklyn, Jenna and Rob, green smoothies as part of their organic breakfast. They indicated they were willing to serve as guinea pigs for Chez Sven's brand new raw-foods drink. I went into the garden and picked a few Swiss chard leaves, as well as a sprig of mint. Into the Vitamix they went, along with purified water and frozen bananas. Less than a minute later, I was able to pour the mixture into the elegant glasses I had picked up at a thrift store last week. Had I used kale, the color would have been bright emerald, rather than olive, but the taste did not change much. I carried the drinks over to the breakfast table. Down the hatches went the green smoothies. Rob made some delightful remark about feeling healthy and how good the drink was, but I forgot to write it down. Rats! I was too busy drinking my own smoothie. It was yummy!