Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Terry Gross Interviews Charles Duhigg

Yesterday Terry Gross interviewed New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg on NPR. Listen to the program here. 500,000 companies have violated the Clean Water Act since 2004 and less that 3% have been fined or punished. Duhigg has created a great database following his 10-month research. One suggestion he makes unequivocally, “Everyone should use water filters.” (Of course, here at Chez Sven, we filter all drinking water.) The Concerned Citizens of Wellfleet are trying to figure out how to prevent NStar from spraying at least four herbicides underneath the power lines, since the toxic chemicals will end up in our sole source aquifer. Please listen and email Mr. Duhigg to encourage this valuable investigation of America’s drinking water and help him continue his “toxic water” series in the New York Times.