Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Bits & Pieces

A land court has ruled that construction on the 5,700 square foot Blasch house, in the National Seashore park, can continue and that the structure does not need to be taken down. While some folks – the Blasches and lawyer Ben Zehnder – must be getting out the champagne, many regular folks in Wellfleet are disappointed by this decision. Read all about it in Marilyn Miller’s excellent Provincetown Banner report.

I have been following the Environmental Working Group for several years. Their work is most impressive. Now EWG’s president Ken Cook has been nominated by Huffington Post as the “Ultimate Green Game Changer.” You can contribute to greening the world by going here to read the profiles of the ten chosen ones and vote. That HuffPost conducts such a poll is extraordinary in itself. Let’s amaze the editors with our response!

This weekend wellness and green alternatives are celebrated in Hyannis at the Wellness and Health Expo. I went two years ago when the event was in Eastham and really enjoyed it.

Finally, the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill is pleased to announce a show featuring the work of eight artists who traveled to Italy with Castle Hill last Spring and painted in Ravelo, Positano, Pontone, Amalfi and Terrevechia. Eight artists painted under the tutelage of local artist Gail Browne. The artists participating in the show are: Gail Browne, Dennis Allee, Marjorie Black, Catherine Haynes, Cherie Mittenthal, Bill Papaleo, Phyllis Schimel and Julia Salinger.