Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mac’s Shack Still Packs a Wallop

We went to Mac’s Shack for dinner Sunday in honor of my mom, who loved dining at the former Lobster Hutt, especially once her grandson became its manager in the early ‘90s. We have many happy memories of Lobster Hutt, as do numerous other longtime visitors to Wellfleet. Mac's Shack offers a more sophisticated menu and great sushi. "The Shack" became trendy after a glowing review in the New York Times two summers ago. Sven and I were greeted outside by Mac Hay, back from a short vacation in Bermuda.

Pleased to see a list of local specials, I chose Eastham Mussels and Nantucket Scallops. Sven, feeling carnivorous, requested steak. The restaurant, which closes October 18, was half full, surely a decent turnout for a Sunday night in October. Behind the sushi bar, the sushi chef created meticulous marvels. Mac’s wife Tracy sat at a table near the door with their two daughters, both busy coloring a special Mac’s Shack drawing. Later I saw other children using crayons, too, while awaiting dinner, an option parents must appreciate.

Our meal was, in a word, YUMMY. Sven’s French fries had a touch of garlic to them, and I admit to filching more than one, although I never, ever eat French fries usually, that’s how good they were. His serving of steak was copious, so he asked for a doggy bag. The waitress brought a square white box.

“Is it cardboard?” I asked Mac, who had wandered over to our table.

“Bamboo, totally biodegradable. We’ve been asking for these things for ten years. Costs twice as much, but worth it.”

I gave him the thumbs up. Our food was excellent; the waitress’s smile, genuine. For dessert, we splurged on crème brulée. How decadent was that!